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Information on MAFD AMINO

Introduction of President

Taeko Amino

・Flower designer

・Chairwoman of Preserving flowers association
・Vice chairwoman of National consociation of Preserved flowers
・Representative of Artificial flowers association
・Vocational educator of 1st class flower decorator approved by MHLW
・Director of MAFD AMINO
・Chairwoman of Sola flowers association
・Executive board member of Bridal flower coordination consociation.
・Special lecture of Wayo Women’s University
・president of AMINO Co., Ltd.


Firstly, she learned Japanese style flower arrangement, IKENOBO in Japan, and then she learned European style flower arrangement for eight years during her stay in Germany.
After coming back to Japan, she established her own style flower arrangement merging Japanese and European one.

She gains overwhelming support in her own design philosophy and school development.

She has been working to promote the flower arrangements, and she has received awards from the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, the Prefectural Governor, the Colombian Embassy and others.

The mass media often features her. Many trainees who want to learn her skills come to her schools from all over Japan.

She is eager to exhibit her works of art on big stages and to participate in various events of art with good reputation.
Her demonstration is made every year on the main stage in International Orchid Festival Japan Grand Prix held in Tokyo Dome, and she adjudicates in the contest as well.

Many books have been published by her. The latest book was published in June, 2016 featuring the world’s first arrangement of soft Sola flower made with natural plant in Thailand. It is her 17th book.

She is often invited by Japanese government for its pavilions in International Flower Expos. In the latest China International Flower Expo held in Beijing, her demonstration with preserved flowers on a large scale was made in the Japanese government pavilion as the representative of Japan.

On the same occasion, she was invited by Chinese national Beijing floriculture school for the demonstration and the lecture with fresh flowers, being successful.

In June, 2012 she was appointed as the Japanese representative for the second time by the Japanese government in International Flower Expo held in Holland. Her arrangement featuring Japanese Kimono and Obi in large scale was highly praised among the visitors.

In 2014, she was asked by the Japanese government to participate to International Flower Expo held at Hamamatsu, Japan and she decorated her arrangements in the governmental pavilion three times during the EXPO.

She published a book in August of 2016, and text book of preserved flowers in 2017.

In the International Flower Expo being held in Antalya, Turkey in 2016, she is invited by the Japanese government to arrange her pieces in the pavilion.


Current activity

Seminars / classrooms / demonstrations

Lessons and demonstrations of Fresh flower arrangement, Trocken Gesteck (German style arrangement with nuts and spices), preserved flower arrangement etc. are held across the country. At the same time, she is proposing more completed techniques including pleasant discussion through flowers.

Her gorgeous and elegant work is attractive.

Number of diplomas of Instructor is more than 1500.


She is planning, producing and managing various events both in Japan and abroad.
She creates space through flowers, makes flower arrangement in theater stage and produces wedding arrangement, making full use of abundant experience in Europe.

Publication and lecture activities

She publishes many books like ‘’ Modern art of flower decoration HANANO SWKAI’’ , ‘’ Preserving flowers ‘’ etc.


Company Profile

Corporate nameAmino Co., Ltd.
Representative Taeko Amino
Year of establishmentin 1999
Capital3 million Yen
Location3-17-14, Hinominami, Konan-ku, Yokohama-city, Japan
Profile of representative ・Learned Ikebana at Ikenobo Gakuen Flower Arts Department
・Flower arrangement studied in Germany for 8 years
・President of MAFD Amino after returning home
・Established original Trocken Gesteck lecture
・Preserving Flowers Association established, inaugurated as president
・Director of Japan Flower Promotion Center Foundation
・Learning committee member of the Japan Leisure Culture Promotion Association
・Vice chairwoman of National consociation of Preserved flowers



MAFD of MAFD AMINO stands for Modern Art of Flower Decoration, meaning "a comfortable flower arrangement that fits with the modern lifestyle."

We make a pleasant arrangement that aims at taking in the fresh outside air into the house. It is exactly like decorating flowers according to modern life.

We hold various schools where you can learn the latest technologies such as fresh flower arrangement, German style arrangement, Trocken Gesteck, Preserving Flower, and pressed flowers.

In addition, we incorporate materials we have developed independently, we also sell works we made themselves with free ideas, we can purchase from Yahoo! Shopping 's online shop "MAFD AMINO" and can ship nationwide. In addition, we sell works which are produced in freewheeling thinking, with newly developed materials of ourselves. You can purchase them from online shop "MAFD AMINO" of Yahoo! Shopping.